Independence Rock, WY, 2015. Photographer: Megan Huelman

About Project

This project was created in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Digital History seminar. In addition, the research and this resulting site are part of a Master's Option II project about women's clothing on the Overland Trails west.


I would like to thank my Digital History classmates, Jason Heppler, Dr. Seefeldt, and those from the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities that gave advice, fixed technical glitches and aided me in creating this digital history project. Special thanks to my Option II Supervisory committee: Dr. Barbara Trout, Dr. Patricia Crews, and Dr. Douglas Seefeldt. Last but not least, thanks to my parents who have always encouraged me in my historical clothing and Western interests.

Project created by Megan Huelman under the supervision of Dr. Douglas Seefeldt. Trail clothing research supervised by Dr. Barbara Trout.